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No poder dormir es acordarme de los abismos insondables de Sobre Héroes y Tumbas

Hmm, maybe try having a civil conversation with her about some of the things she’s doing that’s upsetting you?

a) there’s not such thing about having a civil conversation w/her about those issues
b) There’s no need for her to find out I know, the issue is not w/me, it’s with my boyfriend, her ex, and his family
c) She knows she messed up and she won’t apologize. Never.
etc etc etc

What happens if you’re no longer friends with her?

Yeah, we’re still friends and she doesn’t know i’m in this internal conflict. I don’t want to dismiss her as a friend but I really don’t need toxic people around.

Ok, but really this is a super concern of mine. I can’t look at my friend’s face in the eye after realizing how toxic she is to the people that have loved her, and she loved btw. After a couple of recent inmature behaviors, I can’t help but feel akward about dating her ex boyfriend. She hooked us up and all but all i’ve been hearing is about her toxic nature and now… Ugh, I don’t really know anymore…



the dildomaker is a pencil sharpener-esque device that shaves an object into the shape of a dingaling. 


Got wood?

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es demasiado extraño para mi estar empatada con el ex de una de mis mejores amigas (fueron novios antes de yo conocerla) y que ahora sepa muchas cosas malas que ella le hizo a él y ahora no sepa ni como mirarla y darle la razón a todos los que me han dicho cosas, yo la conozco pero no me imaginé que fuese tanto y no pongo signos de puntuación porque así estoy pensando y casi que hiperventilo pensando en eso


Tom Hiddleston film scenes for the new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 17, 2014 [HQ]